Coaching & Training Services

  • Professional Relationship (Coaching & Training)

  • Romantic Relationship (Coaching & Training)

  • Pre-Marital Relationship (Coaching & Training)

  • Pre-Marital Relationship (Coaching & Training)

  • Student Program (Coaching & Training)

  • Limiting beliefs & Rebuild Trust (Coaching & Training)

  • Effective Communication (Coaching & Training)

  • Goals setting & Strategy (Coaching & Training)

  • Stress & Anxiety Management (Coaching & Training)

  • Project Management (Coaching & Training)

  • Freedom, Love & Power (Coaching & Training)

  • Business, Passion & Life (Coaching & Training)

      As a Relationship Coach, I can help with the following:

  • Identify issues that block successful relationships

  •  Enhance self-confidence

  •  Discover the troubling aspects within a current relationship

  •  Learn how to build a good relationship         

  • Identify ways to set personal boundaries with others

  •  Develop steps to enhance current, happy relationships

  • Your partner doesn’t listens to you

  • You feel unappreciated and lonely

  • You argue over pointless things, and end up fighting often

  • Your partner has withdrawn or shut down emotionally

  • You are struggling to trust and recover from past betrayals

  •  Your partner has sudden angry outbursts

  • Are you exhausted from fighting and feeling lonely

  • You sense there is something fundamentally wrong with you

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