About the Founder

Naimat Khan Durrani is a Relationship Expert, Certified Life Coach & Leadership Trainer. Who serves relationship management as his core competency and is currently motivating and inspiring youth and corporates throughout the country. He conducts trainings on the areas of soft skills, leadership, entrepreneurship, relationship and has facilitated and managed entrepreneurship programs in different universities and incubators. He aspires to create a generation who understands the value of emotions and who desires to live for others.

My vision is to keep growing ahead of mankind and I believe that my growth should never stop boosting others as I care about the world, life, people and myself. I love my family, world, learning/teaching, my friends and want to make worthwhile contributions by being a positive role model. I believe in treating all people with kindness and respect by knowing what I value, I truly know what I want, I am a person who has to pay thanks to the God in some way, every day.

NKD Hub Vision

NKD Hub is a Center for Relationship, Life & Career Coaching, Leadership Training & Inspirational speaking. Our vision is to keep growing and we believe that our growth comes from increasing our impact and circle of influence.  Our aim is to spread Positivity and kindness while developing role models that adhere to our core values.

“A person’s success and happiness in life depend on their ability to connect with others toward which many people face problems. They want a happy family, a rewarding career or to be able to blend in the social setting – but they’re unable to reach it by themselves. Those goals often depend on a person’s self-confidence, healthy boundaries, good communication, and more my focus is to help people identify current problems and provide guidance in their relationship with their spouse, family member, friend, co-worker or boss. I’m dedicated to working through all the issues surrounding your relationships.”

Relationship & Life Coaching

Relationship coaching and life coaching can help you to achieve your relationship, career, health and well-being goals, quickly. I use a solution-focused and future-focused approach where I integrate modern research, coaching techniques and counselling skills to help you to identify and overcome the challenges you’re facing in your relationships and/or life.

As your coach I will wholeheartedly help you to overcome any obstacles that are preventing you from having the successful relationships and life that you want. My coaching style is warm, uplifting, produces results, and offers value for time and money. We cover a huge amount in most coaching sessions and you then have ample time in between sessions for you to make progress on your goals. You’ll be given loads of tools, skills and insights that will help you to achieve your ideal relationships and life and you’ll take this knowledge away for life, too. With my experienced guidance you’ll take simple, effective, proactive steps to move away from your current undesirable situation and instead move towards your desired goals. Many of my clients start transforming their lives after just one or two sessions.

Leadership & Relationship Training

NKD Hub formally started in June 2015 with a mission to strengthen bonds in relationships, inspire a nation to be the change makers, and to be the leaders of the industries that they step in.NKD Hub’s work aims to be the cornerstone for erupting a emerse change in the society that enables us to think past our barriers enhancing creativity and bringing innovation to our thoughts while keeping the focus on Relationships and Leadership. We are empowering the people in the domains of Relationship management, Stress Management  , character building,  Leadership skills and Talash e Ishq. From creating more confident youth, to developing the most peaceful and growing environment, we take each and every task involved as our personal responsibility to the society, formulate a strategy that not only uplifts and empowers the lives of people but at the same time trains them to be the agent of change and hence support the change that they are willing to see in their society. The vision that we are aspiring for looks like a steep hill climb but we are committed to transforming that vision into a reality. We believe that the harder the hardships are the greater the reward will be and so, we do not cut corners our efforts.

The Results

The truth is this: 

Therapy and personal development is fabulous, but many of our clients report that our process has moved them forward in ways they have never experienced before — and all within just weeks and months of working with us. They are experiencing shifts that literally catapult them to NEW levels of happiness. Our clients have found Partners, long-term love, increased peace and fulfillment, more optimism, a new sense of hope and the day-to-day support.

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